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Why Monaco

From falling in love at first sight to feeling at home with the welcoming community, there are many reasons why people come to live and work in Monaco.
Each person has a different story to tell about their love for the Principality, here are just some of the reasons why people choose Monaco.
● Located in the heart of Europe and bordering the Mediterranean basin, Monaco occupies some prime real estate and offers a seriously good quality of life

● With more than 120 nationalities living here and with English widely spoken, Monaco offers a welcoming and multicultural community

● It is a neutral and independent Sovereign State that is stable due to its political institutions

● It also has positive future prospects with a unique economic and social model which is free from debt

● Its cultural scene is vibrant, with sports events and festivities an important part of everyday life

● Monaco offers a proactive and diverse economy, with a well-thought-out taxation policy and thriving employment and consumer market

● The excellent standard of domestic security also forms the high calibre of schools, social services and health care

● The hospitality industry and nautical infrastructures make Monaco a superb leisure destination

● It is an accessible location for both businesses and the public

● The favourable taxation makes it a great place to live and work

● Monaco is committed to responsible and sustainable development

● It is situated just 30 minutes from the airport by car (7 by helicopter)

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Why Monaco
From falling in love at first sight to feeling at home with the welcoming community, there are many reasons why people come to live and work in Monaco.


The Principality has an uncontested image of peace and quality of life. This image is a tangible reality 365 days a year, despite the fact that special events take place all year long and that thousands of visitors and workers come here every day.

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Our top priority is to offer a one-stop service for clients wishing to move to the Principality and apply for residency. This process may be on behalf of an individual, a family or a company. Moving to the Principality itself can take place straight away, but anyone willing to remain for longer than three months needs to apply for residency, with a permit known as a Carte de Séjour.

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History of Monaco
Founded in 1215 as a colony of Genoa, Monaco has been ruled by the House of Grimaldi since 1297, when François Grimaldi, known as "Malizia" seized Monaco's fortress in response to the exile imposed upon the Guelfs.


The climate on the French Riviera is notoriously known to be absolutely fantastic, with lots of sun and a high average temperature, it’s a place with a mild climate all year around but here’s the weather and climate more specifically.