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Real Estate

There are over 250 real estate agencies in Monaco. How to be sure which one is the best one for you? Who to trust? What property to choose and make the optimal decision?
We have the answer to all your questions.

Why do business with My Concierge Monaco?
Every agency is thriving on direct selling of the products. My Concierge Monaco excels as an independent expert within Monaco Real-estate market. We work in close collaboration with all the private sellers and agencies. Our aim is to attain utmost client satisfaction through profitable and unmatchable purchase.
My Concierge Monaco employees are proficiently skilled with vast experience of over 20 years in the real estate market of Monaco. Our highly trained and qualified professionals could become your FREE personal assistant in the rightful selection of the real-estate. Tired of reading countless announcements and receiving the bulk of fake information? Give us a Call.

Our expertise:
1. We verify the credibility of the information provided by the agency.
2. We tend to arrange viewing meetings
3. We carry out an independent analysis of what, where, when, and at what price the property was sold within this building.
4. We offer complete assistance and guidance to the meeting place.
5. We provide all the required translations irrespective of any language.
6. We excel in finding an off-market property at the best prices

Interested in buying a house or an apartment in Monaco – just ring us! +33762767200 or send us an email: conctact@myconcierge-monaco.com

Your Personal Manager would organize everything!
Market Analyse
Monaco’s real estate is also a big draw for living and working here, which you can see from the graphics below.
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Off-market Properties
When it’s time to make a purchase, we are completely aware and anticipate the current as well as the future requirements of our potential clients while targeting specialized areas, type of property, and shortlisting of the on and off-market prospects suiting the financial position and lifestyle.
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Investments in Monaco Real Estate
The first thought of hearing “Monaco” creates the image of soulful beaches, luxury, casinos, and clubs. However, Monaco is also characterised by stabilized political structure, potentially strong economy, boosting the real estate market with secure future investments. Fortunately, these are the exact views that ‘My Concierge Monaco’ knows quite well and explicitly discusses in detail.
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New Development
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Seasonal Rent
If you are looking to rent a villa or apartment, we can help you find your ideal property. Through our specialised rental service, we help connect compatible tenants and landlords so that you find the perfect match for your rental agreement.
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