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Relocation to Monaco

Monaco attracts foreigners wishing to relocate to an accessible European location with sophisticated facilities and a pleasant climate. Hence, individuals retiring from business may well find in Monaco an ideal location from which to enjoy their greater leisure time.

Entrepreneurs who are still successfully and actively engaged in business are also attracted to Monaco as an excellent place from which to manage their business.

For those who want to work at or near home in a safe environment with their family and with necessities (such as excellent schooling) and luxuries close to hand, Monaco provides a perfect – and virtually unique – backdrop.

Live life in the Heart of Europe. Make the move to Monaco.
Moving to Monaco can be reasonably simple with My Concierge Monaco.
Becoming a resident
Our top priority is to offer a one-stop service for clients wishing to move to the Principality and apply for residency. This process may be on behalf of an individual, a family or a company.
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Opening a bank account in Monaco
We have well established relationships with Monaco banks and international banks in other jurisdictions. We can assist clients with the choice of bank and the most suitable type of account.
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Opening a company in Monaco
Whether you are setting up a new business from the beginning or buying over one that already exists, the venture is most likely going to be challenging and require large amounts of research, preparation and consultation from experienced advisors.
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Moving your business in Monaco
In addition to the favourable weather and security, Monaco is also popular for its favourable tax climate. Businesses who are seeing profits and success may want to set up offices in Monaco. More specifically, Monaco is an attractive place for many European businesses
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Buying a business in Monaco
Some people are looking into buying businesses which already exist and are running in Monaco. Many of these businesses include restaurants, cafes and shops as well as real estate agencies, design agencies and renovation agencies. However,
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For people who do not have Monegasque citizenship, a permit must be issued by the Minister of State in order to open and run any business in the nation. The business could be in virtually any sector including manufacturing, crafts, trading or consulting.
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Buying a car in Monaco
Wanting to buy a car in Monaco? Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Bentley, McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche or Rolls-Royce. We help you to get it delivered and registered fast!
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MCM Investment works with a selected group of investors who are investing in an array of different and exciting industries.
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