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Investments in Monaco Real Estate

Investments in Monaco Real Estate

The first thought of hearing “Monaco” creates the image of soulful beaches, luxury, casinos, and clubs. However, Monaco is also characterised by stabilized political structure, potentially strong economy, boosting the real estate market with secure future investments. Fortunately, these are the exact views that ‘My Concierge Monaco’ knows quite well and explicitly discusses in detail.

Irrespective of the conditions that the price per m2 in Monaco is regarded amongst the highest, the country remains as one of the most leading places attracting humongous real estate investment. Let’s have a look. As per the Monaco Statistics, there has been an upsurge in the property prices annually. Why is that so? Specifically in light of the generalized situation of Europe. The answer is quite obvious.

  1. To become a permanent resident in Monaco, it is quintessential to buy or at least rent an apartment.
  2. Climate condition, general safety, and several other events with celebrity participation make Monaco exclusive heaven on Earth.
  3. Taxation. There is no direct income tax scheme for individuals, no wealth tax, annual council or property tax.
  4. Inheritance Tax: direct filiation between the parents and spouses/children is 0%.

This is the right time to invest in Monaco.

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